We grow our apples and pears using only natural and/or organically certified sprays.  It is our mission to grow healthy food for you and your family.

Romeldale CVM sheep are a wonderful dual purpose sheep.  We offer breeding stock, fiber animals, and wool products.  This critically rare breed of sheep is worth getting to know.

We offer raw fleeces for the hand spinner and other fiber artists.  Yarn, rovings, and tanned pelts will be available soon.  Be sure to reserve your fleece today!

Since 1876, the Bohlayer Family has operated a farm in beautiful Farmers Valley in Troy, PA.  Orchards and sheep have remained a constant on this fifth generation family farm.

Late February:  Sheep Shearing!!!!

Mid-March:   Skirted raw fleeces will be available for purchase.  You may reserve a fleece by contacting heather@bohlayersorchards.com or using the form on our Contactpage.  We will also have an Etsy store coming soon!  See some of 2014's fleeces on our Wool page.

Early April:  LAMBS!!!  Our lambing season will begin in early April. Check back on our​ Sheep page to see our lambs as they join the flock. Contact heather@bohlayersorchards.com if you are interested in finding the right lamb for your fiber flock!  

Farmers Valley Road, Troy, PA