We have a flock of 30-40 sheep which includes several breeding rams.  Our lambing season takes place each April.  Please contact us if you are interested in reserving/purchasing a lamb, yearling, or adult for your small farm, fiber flock, or breeding flock.  If we do not have enough sheep to meet your needs, we will help you to locate additional sheep from other breeders.  We work together with other farms to ensure you have non-related lines and a variety of color patterns.  

heather@bohlayersorchards.com or 570-297-2480

Breeding Program

We began our flock in January 2012 with four bred ewes.  We now manage our own breeding program with consideration for breed standards, quality fleece, good conformation, and a variety of color patterns.   It is a privilege to steward this critically endangered breed of sheep. 

Our methods for raising our animals include access to pasture, hay, and free choice minerals.  During the autumn and winter months they are also fed natural and organically sprayed fruit from our orchard.  We deworm infrequently, and make decisions based upon FAMACHA testing.  Vaccinations are administered, but we limit the use of antibiotics.

Lambs and adult ewes and rams are available for purchase for your fiber flock or your breeding program. All of our breeding animals are registered with the National Romeldale CVM Conservancy.  Please contact us at heather@bohlayersorchards with your questions or to discuss visiting the flock and/or reserving or purchasing sheep.

Romeldale CVM sheep are one of the rarest breeds of sheep in the United States.  The Romeldale breed was developed in California during the early 1900s as a cross between New Zealand Marsh Romney and Rambouillet. Orignally the Romeldale sheep were bred for the more commercially accepted white fleece.  During the 1960s, color patterned lambs were born. This patterned part of the breed was further developed through thoughtful breeding. This breeding for fleece with colors and patterns created the California Variegated Mutant or CVM portion of the breed.  

Additional history and information regarding this breed may be found at the National Romeldale CVM Conservancy and The Livestock Conservancy websites.

Romeldale CVM fleece comes in many different colors, can have several different shades/colors within one fleece, and can have spots. The fleece generally darkens and softens as the animal ages.  The fiber is soft enough for next to skin wear with micron counts ranging from 20-25.  Our sheep are coated to help keep their fleeces as clean as possible.  With a variety of colors and soft fleece that is easy to spin, these sheep are a hand-spinner's and knitter's dream come true!  

Our Flock

Growing a Healthy Tradition