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Naturally Tanned Full Sized Pelt

Naturally Tanned Full Sized Pelt


We are now offering our full-sized pelts naturally tanned without any chemicals! These pelts are done for us by Driftless Traditional Tannery in Wisconsin. Our customers have shared how they use these:


To make their favorite chair more comfortable

As a pet bed for their aging pet with aching bones

As a rug at the side of their bed for those cold mornings

As a special part of their infant's crib

Did you know these pelts can keep you warm in winter yet cool in the summer? They are a great year-round item for your home.


This pelt is off-white color. The staple length of the wool is 3 inches. The pelt measures an average of 22"wide x 40" long.


Care instructions will be included.


These may have slight imperfections in the leather and are visible in the photos above. It does not in any way change its ability to keep you or your loved one cozy!


All pelts are from our flock of Romeldale CVM sheep and are 100% wool.



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