Pelt Bum Rug

Pelt Bum Rug


These mid sized pelts are a great addition to your home without the investment of size of a full tanned pelt!


This pelt is a dark brown color with some white edges and measures 27"wide x 19" long at its widest points.


We've cut down our large pelts and sized them to fit your favorite office chair or be the perfect place for your kitty or small dog to curl up on!  These have been affectionately dubbed "bum rugs" by friends, we can't help but smile when we hear it!  Keep your bum and your loved ones bums cozy and comfy while working and learning from home!


These may have slight imperfections in the leather and are visible in the photos above.  It does not in any way change its ability to keep your bum cozy!


All pelts are from our flock of Romeldale CVM sheep and are 100% wool.