4 oz.   Power Scour (scented)

4 oz. Power Scour (scented)


As a fine fiber, Romeldale CVM wool has a high lanolin content. After years of using dish detergent, very hot water, and many, many washings, I decided to try Power Scour. My life has changed! I now only use Unicorn products with my wool. I can wash fleeces fewer times and at a lower temperature. They come out smelling wonderful and feeling great while I'm spinning.

Unicorn Fibre Power Scour and Beyond Clean are the same great product. Both "Optimize cleaning of all natural fibres. Maintain strength and natural beauty of the vital fibre cuticle."

Power Scour has a light lavender scent.
Beyond Clean is the unscented version.

Visit: www.unicornclean.com for more information!


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