Dog Coats made with Romeldale CVM Wool Felt

raised on our farm and milled here in Pennsylvania! 

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How to Measure Your Pup!

Measure your pup from the base of their neck to before their tail begins (you do not want to obstruct tail wagging!).  This is the length of the coat.

Measure them around the largest part of their chest (usually just behind the front legs).  This is their circumference.  The belly band of the coat will fit in this area.

Now check our size chart to see which coat size your pup will fit into!

Size Chart

XX-Small    10" long, approximately 15-19" around (this fit a Shih Tzu)

X-Small       13" long, approximately 18-21" around (this fit a little Dachshund)

Small           16" long, approximately 19-24" around (this fit a bigger Dachshund and Boston Terrier)

Medium      19" long, approximately 21-27" around (this fit a Beagle)

Large           22" long, approximately 23-29" around (this fit our pup Fiat)

X-Large       24" long, approximately 28-33" around (this fit our big girl Beulah and an English Shorthair Pointer)

These coats are not going to be a snug fit like your favorite cozy sweater.  They WILL keep the winter snows and rains off of your pup while also keeping them warm.  Check out this video to see how Fiat's coat fits her.  She loves how the back leaves lots of room for her waggle!!!

Shipping for the holidays is now complete.   Due to amazing support for our new wool dog coats, we are low on coats.  THANK YOU!
Additional coats in all sizes will begin to be posted to our website after January 4, 2021.  If you are interested in a specific size and felt/binding combination, send us a message and we will be happy to help! 

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