How to Measure Your Dog

Measure your pup from the base of their neck to before their tail begins (you do not want to obstruct tail wagging!).  This is the length of the coat.

Measure them around the largest part of their chest (usually just behind the front legs).  This is their circumference.  The belly band of the coat will fit in this area.

Now check our size chart below to see which coat size will fit your pup!

If you don't see a coat size that matches your dog, Contact Us about a custom coat sized to your hard-to-fit pup!!  

10" Long

15"-19" Around approximate circumference

13" Long

18"-21" Around

approximate circumference

16" Long

19"-24" Around

approximate circumference

19" Long

21"-27" Around approximate circumference

22" Long

23"-29" Around

approximate circumference

24" Long

28"-33" Around

approximate circumference

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