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Junior Shepherd Program

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Have you wished you could be a shepherd?  Or perhaps you wished you could share that experience with your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren?  Now you can!  

Join us as we bring you along on a six-month journey with our flock of Romeldale CVM sheep!  We will welcome new lambs in April and follow them as they grow throughout the summer and early fall. Our "Junior Shepherd Program" will show you just what it takes to raise happy sheep!  Learn shepherding work such as:  

  • what care is given to ewes and their newborn lambs

  • how we monitor the health of lambs and their moms

  • what lambs and ewes eat

  • introductions to pastures

  • rotational grazing

  • hay making

  • and of course we'll learn about their wool when we follow them to a fiber festival!


Join in March and we'll have content relating to our work as we prepare the flock, barn, and ourselves for welcoming lambs.

In addition to video and picture content, we'll be sharing coloring and activity pages throughout the program!  And don't miss out on our monthly LIVE Q&A with the shepherds as we hang with the flock to answer your questions.  This is an all ages program!  Everyone is welcome!

Romeldale CVM sheep are a rare breed and we are dedicated to conserving these beautiful sheep.  Read more about them here on our website and learn why we think everyone should have these sheep!  

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