Orchard Growing Methods

After generations of growing our fruit using conventional chemical pesticides, we are now a Certified Naturally Grown orchard!!!  We use only natural methods and OMRI listed organic pesticides at our farm.  This decision was made out of health concerns for those of us working in the orchard, and for all of us consuming the fruits of those labors.

Naturally grown orchards have the most success when done on a small scale.  As a result, we continue to decrease the number of trees in the orchard.  In turn, this will begin to decrease the amount of fruit available. 

Pick Your Own is not available this year due to a limited crop.  

Please note, in years when we have Pick-Your-Own apples and pears it will only be available to those families purchasing a membership.  This is being done to confirm that fruit is available for those wishing to have the experience of picking their own naturally grown apples and pears. Please know we will continue to have our store open during the harvest season so that everyone will have the chance to purchase harvested fruit from our family and benefit from these new growing methods. 

What you should know:


  • You will see disease and insect damage on the fruit. 

  • We too will see disease and insect damage on the fruit we pick and sell in the store!

  • You may find a worm in your fruit.

  • We too may find a worm or two in our fruit!

  • Some varieties are doing well organically while others are proving to be a challenge.

  • McIntosh and varieties crossed with it are the hardest to grow organically.

  • Grocery store organic apples will look nicer than our fruit because those growers are still spraying some chemicals as needed and may be in climates where this is easier. 


​We tell you the above to provide you with full disclosure.  We are growing this crop for you, and we want you to know all about it!  You will have no doubts that we are growing naturally.  As we continue to develop our skills, we eliminate trees, and the orchard environment continues to adjusts to these growing methods we believe the fruit will continue to improve.

Our crop was VERY limited this year (2019).   

We are now CLOSED for the 2019 season.  Thank you for coming out to the farm.  If you didn't make it out this season, thank you for thinking of us!  Let's all hope for a better crop next year!


We are available seven days a week during the harvest season so everyone will have the chance to purchase harvested fruit from our family.  Cider pressed from our own Certified Naturally Grown apples and pears is available in season.  Milky Way Farms here in Troy presses and bottles our cider.  You can also purchase cider at their store in season and into the winter months! While you're there, pick up their own milk, grass-fed meats, and other products!!!

Thank you for your continued support of our family’s farm.  With your help we will foster more sustainable farming methods and begin Growing a Healthy Tradition!

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