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"Eweltide" Gift Giving Ideas

Yes, I did just type "Eweltide". Is this a Is it going a bit too far with the puns? Absolutely not. Come along with me as we consider ways our flock and farm can bring unique holiday cheer to you and yours!!! We always appreciate your support. Your purchases continue to help us conserve this beautiful sheep breed. YOU make a difference!

For the Home

Our Drink Coasters continue to be a hit at all of our events. They'll arrive just in time to catch those droplets of nog and good cheer.

Wool Pillows are the latest addition to our product line. Each is unique in design, full of natural colors from the sheep to match all decor, and certain to add a feeling of warmth to any room.

Naturally Tanned Pelts are back in stock! These are a fan favorite we sell out of every year. Treat yourself and add additional comfort and warmth to your office chair, sofa, or bed. These also make a great bed for beloved pets.

For the Hosts

Drink Coasters! These aren't just for your home! Made to share, our coasters will get you invited back to your favorite holiday gathering as you help to keep your host's home tidy and well decorated!

Our Note Cards are a perfect host gift. Everyone can use extra note cards to have on hand! By sharing our original photography with others, you are also helping to share the message about our livestock conservation work. You're giving a gift that keeps on giving!

For the Makers

Yarn is a welcome gift for those who love to knit and crochet. Our soft, one of a kind flock yarns from a rare breed of sheep will put you on the "Nice List" for sure!!! Don't understand yarn? Not sure how much to get? We've put together some one skein pattern ideas to help make a more complete gift for you. Purchase our yarn by the skein OR purchase the skein and pattern for us to put together and ship to you or the recipient.

Roving will appeal to a smaller audience. But for those with spinners or needle felters on their list, we've got you covered.

For the Woofs

A Woof in Sheep's Clothing Wool Dog Coats continue to be popular for those whose woof's need a little extra insulation during the winter months. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, we also do custom coat sizes. Not sure of the size needed for the "woof" you have in mind? Gift Certificates are available!

For the Hard to Buy For

We now have eGift cards available! You can click here to purchase a gift card in set amounts or an amount of your own choosing. These will be emailed to the recipient and may be used to purchase any wool items, note cards, or dog coats.

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