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How Do Ewe Find Inspiration?

Six years ago we adopted our pup, Fiat. A good friend had fostered her mama and litter mates and was helping the shelter to find homes for everyone. Fiat is a fun-loving gal who is always ready to be on the move! At the age of six months we were told she would need surgery on both of her hips. One hip was barely functional, and the other was a situation where the femur and hip weren't even in the same zip code. She did amazingly well with her first surgery to correct the barely functioning hip. The doctors delayed her second surgery because her body was adapting to her situation and creating its own cartilage and cushion.

Fast forward one year, and we received an email from our friend letting us know Fiat's sister had been returned to the shelter. Worse, it is likely the poor girl had been through multiple families in just one year. We took Fiat to be reunited with her sister Beulah, and their reunion will forever remain one of the most joyous events we've witnessed!!! Today this duo is inseparable, and often found laying around the house hugging each other. When they aren't lounging or playing together, they are tag teaming us for snacks!

Over the years Fiat has remained joyful, ready to meet each day, and so bouncy we wonder if the surgeon implanted a spring in her hip! She continues to inspire us to keep going and take on everyday with excitement for what we might find on the journey. Did I mention her love affair with wool??? She loves to lay in it, roll in it, and pull it apart to toss around the house! All of these things combined gave us the inspiration to make her and her sister wool coats for the winter months. If they loved them, maybe other dogs would too! And thus was born "A Woof In Sheep's Clothing"! Dog coats made from our own wool felt! You may even recognize her as the pup in the logo. It's only fair, right?

So how do you find inspiration? We would love to hear!

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