Worsted Weight Medium Gray  with GREENSPUN processing

Worsted Weight Medium Gray with GREENSPUN processing


Each of our yarns are unique, small batch, and one of a kind yarns. This beautiful natural color yarn is made of 100% Romeldale CVM wool from our flock and is a heathered medium gray color. If I was to give it a name, it would be weathered wood!


This yarn is a worsted weight, 3-ply, 240 yards, 4 ounce skein.


Items made from this yarn should be hand washed and laid flat to dry.This yarn was spun for us by Green Mountain Spinnery located in Putney, VT using their GREENSPUN technology.


Fibers for their GREENSPUN yarns are washed and spun with vegetable-based soaps and oils rather than the petroleum-based products standard in the textile industry. No chemicals are used to bleach, shrink proof or mothproof. THe GREENSPUN process, developed at the Spinnery, is an extension of the environmental concerns basic to our founding in 1981. This is a good choice for folks who have chemical sensitivities.